Tomato Twins ~ Connected In Life

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

Tomato Twins

Nature’s reminder that we are all connected

Nature is my escape. I started planting things out of a wish to eat more healthy foods and was frustrated at first with the curves Nature threw me. Caterpillars on my blueberries, thrips on my tomatoes, deer and rabbits harvesting my crops before me.

I have learned that gardening is relaxing not just for the fruit you reap at the end. You earn the opportunity to see Nature up close and what you learn is that Nature is naturally not perfect and that everything is connected in life.

I picked these little tomato twins amid global news swirling with human drama. The daily news includes scenes of refugees from the Middle East, as well as protests and mourning over gun violence here in the United States. The healthy existence of the Tomato Twins is a glaring reminder that we are ALL connected on a very essential biological level; and that we can thrive when we help each other.