Nature’s Pantry ~ The Architect


While photographing food in my kitchen yesterday morning, I noticed a huge web outside on my deck. The spider wasn’t there and the web was swaying gently in the breeze, raindrops clinging to it like little crystals.

spider web

I ran outside in my pajamas to take some pictures before the rain started up again. I was feeling blessed just to have been able to see the web, when my kids got up and in the morning flurry of activity somehow noticed that it’s Architect was up too. Amidst the shouts of “ooohhh gross” and “too scary for me” I grabbed the camera again and ran outside to see it.

The Architect let my daughter and I examine and photograph it, while it tried to repair some damage the wind had done. We stood there in awe as it manufactured the raw material it needed, seemingly out of thin air.

It only worked for a few moments before it gracefully moved up the side of the web; looking like a circus acrobat on ropes, and disappeared into a pocket underneath our patio umbrella.

Spider In Web

The downpours of rain we had yesterday ruined the web, and I’ve been watching ever since for signs of the Architect. It’s pantry was empty when I studied it and I hope it’s found a better location for stocking up!

The Spider and The Fly was written in 1829 by Mary Howitt. While her poem is familiar to generations of children, most don’t know anything about her. She was a sort of Architect on her own and her history makes for an interesting study, should you feel inclined to stock your pantry.