Change In The Garden ~ Nature As Perpetual Motion Machine

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

Parmatrema Hypotropum

Lichen growing on a garden bench

I am perpetually awed by the way in which nature teaches and inspires me. The garden is like a rustproof perpetual motion machine, ever changing, ever evolving and never motionless.

This young Parmatrema Hypotropum lichen has taken hold on an old garden bench that needed repainting.

Lichens are composite organisms. They come about when a symbiotic relationship forms between a fungus and an algae or cyanobacteria. In the case of the lichen, a whole new organism forms. New life from old. Change.

Of course, now that something is growing on it, it will never be repainted.

Somehow the vision of the garden bench changing into something else cements it’s place in the garden setting. It has always gotten more use by the birds and squirrels than it ever did as a perch for humans.

I take great comfort in the knowledge that regardless of my gardening skills (or lack of), something will always be growing!

Garden Bench

Garden Bench near the Peach Tree