Sunday Solace ~ Honeysuckle ~ A Walk in the Park

November Honeysuckle

~November Honeysuckle~

I snuck in a thirty minute walk in the park today between dropping my daughter off at work and going to the grocery store. It was cloudy and brisk, but felt good to be out and doing something physical. Although there were plenty of people there, walking dogs, playing disc golf, holding batting practice at the ball fields; I found myself looking for signs of life in the landscape.

Rounding a bend close to the ball field, amidst the sounds of a coach instructing his charges to “take a lap”, I spotted something magical. Honeysuckle. It is November in Georgia and with our sometimes strange climate you never know what you might get. Today, it was honeysuckle!

Though I didn’t taste it (foraging in a park frequented by dogs of every size is probably not a good idea), seeing it reminded me of the sweet smell and taste of childhood summers. Naturally beautiful and innocent. The kind of solace needed on this Sunday.