Trio of Pods ~ Nature’s Promise


Edamame Plants

~Young Edamame Plants~

She spotted the gangly, shy young trio in the corner of the market. They looked lonely, tired and malnourished and she couldn’t resist the challenge to make them better.

She took them home and put them to bed in a warm, sunny place; tucking them in with pine straw and giving them a good long drink. She cared for them lovingly; the little green trio brimming with promise.

It was as if they were absorbing all that love straight from the soil the moment her hands touched it. They grew into a smiling, robust trio with leaves reaching out like limbs hugging the sunlight.

As they grew, new life appeared. Little fuzzy pods just beginning to hint at the fruit growing inside. With each rainfall, the trio of fuzzy pods expanded, replete with green goodness.

Until the day their woolly cloaks teemed with readiness. She couldn’t wait to harvest them and taste their promise. To see if they had succeeded together.

She plucked the pods lovingly, feeling their fuzzy embrace. She did not wait for the water to boil, splitting the pod so emerald beans cascaded into her palm. Sweet, starchy edamame. With each delicious bite, she felt her strength return. So many times she wished she could cure with her love and this time the love she gave cured her. Nature’s circle complete.