The Last of the Chocolate Mint


Chocolate Mint Extract in the making!

My chocolate mint plant fell victim to cold weather weeks ago, but is confounded by the warm weather we’ve been having here and is coming back!

I pulled it out of it’s planter and chunked it into an empty one temporarily, it must like it’s new home as it is sending up new shoots and leaves.

I went out today and clipped the tiny leaves intending to candy them but they are so tiny it just wasn’t working.

What to do? Make mint extract!

I simply bruised the mint leaves with the back of a spoon and placed them in a shot glass with the very last shot of vodka left in my pantry. I covered it and it will sit out in the vodka for 4 days. I’ll taste it to check the mint strength in a week and if it is too strong, dilute it a little.

When it’s ready, it will go in an old vanilla extract bottle that I’m glad I cleaned and saved!