Beautiful Blooms ~ Christmas Camellia


Christmas Camellia

I’ve been waiting impatiently for my camellias to bloom. This morning, I hurriedly went into the kitchen to put the cinnamon rolls in the oven before we opened gifts. I didn’t have my coffee until much later so I didn’t notice the blooming glory waiting just outside.

As I was doing the breakfast dishes, I noticed glimpses of crimson dancing in the distance! The camellias blooming on Christmas Day! I hurriedly slipped my husband’s flip flops on and ran outside to take some pictures.

The flip flops were a great choice, as all of the rain we’ve had has made the ground spongy. The gigantic flip flops acted like snow shoes and kept me above ground while I admired the beauty of the camellias.

I snipped a couple of blooms for our Christmas dinner table, thankful the blossoms picked Now to grace our landscape.