Naturally Optimistic!



Optimistic for a return of Foxglove!

In the summer of 2014, this lone foxglove appeared in the backyard garden. I thought about gathering seed from it to ensure it would replicate, but decided to see what would happen if I left nature to itself.

Foxgloves are biennial, and while I did spy non-flowering plants in that area last summer, I won’t know until May or June if we’ll see their flowering beauty again. They’ll need cold temperatures over winter in order to flower.

As I write, winter has finally arrived in the south. We are all hunkered down in the den, watching the snow drift down; the wind whipping it up and making it change direction and accelerate like powdered sugar in my mixer.

During the night, the powerful wind overturned some rotting mini pumpkins on the deck (I left them there to watch that process through the winter), spilling seeds everywhere. I fully expect pumpkin vines under the deck this summer! These were the same pumpkins grown on my accidental vines in July.

I wait, optimistically!