Spare Peas



I thought this week’s photo challenge appropriate to describe my garden situation. I waited too long to plant and our Georgia spring quickly turned from cool and damp to hot and dry. The herbs and peas I planted are dry and stunted.


~ Note to self ~ Plant peas in January in the pots on the front porch (North facing, sun the whole day) and cover if we get a hard freeze

This lone, spare surviving pea plant has managed to produce a handful of peas.

pea shoots

At least the remains look pretty in a vase!

Our lily and iris plants bloomed for one week before withering in the heat. The peaches succumbed to bacterial leaf spot and squirrels. Even my usually triumphant and regal cannas are showing signs of stress.

My blueberries are fine for now. They’ll be tented with netting to save them from the squirrels and birds. Hopefully, we’ll get good rain soon, or they will be tart and tough.

While I enjoy digging in the dirt and seeing what comes from my efforts, I am very grateful I’m not dependent upon my skills for survival! I may have to exchange my gardening time for time shopping at the local farmer’s market.

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peas with spring greens pesto

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