August Photo Stroll

August Strawberries

I planted strawberries in a huge pot on my deck way back in April and they have slowly been blooming and fruiting all summer. With our drought conditions, they are small, squishy and malformed but I’ve managed to add them to my berry stock to make jam. The underripe ones are higher in pectin, so I add a few of those to my jam batches to help it gel.


I also have my tomatoes and peppers planted on the deck as well. It’s the only way to keep them safe from the deer!

Grape Tomatoes

Draped Tomatoes

I have them staked, but when they outgrow the stakes, I simply drape them over the deck railing and let them trail.

Baby Poblano

I’m growing jalapeno, poblano and thai hot peppers this summer. The poblano stopped fruiting in the july heat, but our recent rain and lower temps have made it happy!

Baby Cuke

I planted some late cucumbers and they were growing like crazy. Then our baby deer visited and ate almost all the leaves off! I was going to pull them up and plant lettuce and arugula, but they are sprouting new leaves so I’ll let them be. Baby cukes are so cute!

Moth on Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

The moths and butterflies love our butterfly bush. I have read it is actually considered an invasive species so we have it contained to one section of our garden and cut it wayyyyy back every fall.

Driveway Weeds

Weeds growing in the cracks in the driveway ~ beauty without any effort!