Soft Chocolatey-O Cookies

Flourless Fudge Cookies with Opera Cream Filling

Flourless Fudge Sandwich Cookies with Opera Cream Filling

The sweet chocolatey Flourless Fudge Cookies from King Arthur Flour are perfect paired with the opera cream outlined in my post, Homemade Opera Creams.  The flavor is reminiscent of that famous chocolate sandwich cookie! For the cookies, follow KA’s cookie recipe and tips at:

King Arthur Flourless Fudge Cookies

Or follow my adapted instructions.

For the cookies you will need:

2 and 1/4 cups confectioners’ sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon espresso powder

1 cup cocoa powder (I used 1/2 cup Nestle, 1/2 cup Hershey’s Special Dark)

3 egg whites from large eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper and lightly grease the paper with canola oil or shortening. Get a large ziptop bag or pastry bag and lightly grease the inside of it. Remove prepared Opera Cream from the refrigerator and set aside to soften.

Mix the confectioners’ sugar, salt and cocoa powder in a medium bowl. Whisk the egg whites gently in a small bowl just until frothy. Put 2/3 of the egg whites and the vanilla into the dry ingredients and stir. It will be a dry sticky mess at first.

Mixing Flourless Fudge Cookies

At the dry sticky mess stage

Stir about 20 strokes and if it isn’t coming together and seems dry, add the rest of the egg whites. Keep stirring until it is thick and syrupy and slowly runs off the spatula in ribbons.

Flourless Fudge Cookie Batter

Thick syrupy ribbon stage

Scoop the cookie batter into your greased bag and snip a 1/4 inch hole in it to squeeze the batter out. Squeeze batter onto the prepared cookie sheets in 1 to 2 inch circles, leaving 2 inches of space between them.

Bake 1 inch circles for 4-6 minutes and 2 inch circles for 6-8 minutes. Remove from oven, let cool before removing from parchment. Makes about 44 one inch cookies, or 22 two inch cookies. If you go for 3 inch cookies, increase the cooking time to 7-10 minutes.

After the cookies have cooled, assemble the cookies by rolling prepared opera cream into a ball and sandwiching between 2 cookies. Serve right away or store tightly sealed in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to serve. Yum!