What’s Blooming Now

Lily of the Valley

Convallaria majalis; Lily of the Valley ~ it’s simple beauty and luscious fragrance belie it’s poisonous nature

“White bud! that in meek beauty so dost lean,

The cloistered cheek as pale as moonlight snow,

Thou seemest beneath thy huge, high leaf of green,

An Eremite beneath his mountain’s brow.

White bud! thou’rt emblem of a lovelier thing,~

The broken spirit that its anguish bears,

To silent shades, and there sits offering

To Heaven, the holy fragrance of it’s tears.”

~The Poetical Works of the Rev. George Croly, 1830~

The jonquils, azaleas and camellias are fading away but replaced by new blooms in the garden!

Our clump of Lily of the Valley has spread and naturalized nicely against the fireplace. A little gray tree frog is enjoying the view and the scent of the flowers while warming itself. We’ve heard it call all week and wondered where it was hanging out.

Naturalized Lily of the Valley

It’s drowsy eyed presence is a little reminder in this busy week to slow down and take time to appreciate the good things.