Spicy Coriander Mustard

Making Mustard Brining Mustard Seeds

I first blogged about homemade mustard last summer, Homemade Mustard ~ Marsala Mustard. Sadly, it is one of the least visited posts on my blog. Though I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would never see the need to bother with this recipe; it’s simplicity boosts it into the “must make” category.

You simply place mustard seeds, vinegar + one other liquid, and your spice of choice into a jar and let it sit at room temperature for 3 days. Then you puree the mixture until you reach a spreadable consistency, add a little salt, pepper and honey for flavor and…you’ve got fresh mustard!

Need more encouragement? Mustard seed jewelry dates back to the Victorian era, it’s wearers believed a single mustard seed encased in a glass charm brought them luck. Mustard seed represents faith and hope in the Christian bible; and humility and resilience in Judaism and Buddhism. Good reason to make a jar of luck, faith, humility and hope for yourself and one to share.

The batch I made this week contained 1/4 cup mustard seeds (available in the spice section of your grocery store), 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup beer, 1 dried dragon cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of coriander seeds. I let it sit on my kitchen windowsill for 3 days, then pureed it in the blender and added a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of nutmeg and a teaspoon of Sourwood honey. It made my sandwich sublime.

Homemade Mustard Spicy Coriander Mustard