First Canna of the Summer

Yellow Canna Lily

Commonly called Canna Lily, it is actually the only genus in the family Cannaceae ~ not in the Lily family.

Traditionally used as an agricultural product in some parts of South America and Asia. Young shoots are stir fried, roots are harvested for starch, and fiber from the leaves is turned into paper. The pods contain large seeds used in making jewelry and musical instruments.

Our patch of  yellow Canna were planted by a prior owner and have multiplied and naturalized beautifully along the east side of our house. Some great things about Canna:

  • After planting they are labor free, unless you decide to divide and spread them out on your property ~ or share with friends and family.
  • They are heat, drought and deer resistant.
  • They provide beauty in the garden for three seasons;

Green Canna Lily Leaves

Yellow Canna Lily in Bloom

Canna Lily Seed Pods

Check out this link from the University of Georgia for information about planting and maintaining flowering bulbs: Flowering Bulbs for Georgia

As they die back with cooler temperatures you can also harvest the tall dried stalks for use in Autumn decorating.

Yellow Lady Bug on