Leftover Remoulade = Remoulade Pimento Cheese

Turkey Burger with Remoulade Pimento Cheese

What do you do with leftover Homemade Remoulade? Well, it’s basically spiced mayonnaise. Sooooo…what better mayonnaise is there to make pimento cheese with?

Pimento cheese is the peanut butter of the South. Mayo, cheese, sweet roasted red peppers slapped between two slices of soft white bread or on top of crispy saltines (preferably Sunshine brand). We don’t keep it stocked in our house because if we did my cholesterol would be through the roof! But it is the best topping for a burger. And, if I’m saving fat cals by eating a turkey burger, then I’ll have fat cals left over for pimento cheese!

Simply mash remoulade with the cheese of your choice (in a 1:2 ratio, for example 1/4 cup remoulade with 1/2 cup cheese). I used cheddar here. After you’ve got it mashed together, add in some chopped sweet roasted red peppers. Or, spice it up by using some chopped Quick Pickled Peppers. Or have the best of both worlds by using both!

Slap some on your burger and forget the lettuce and tomato! Put it on while your burger’s still hot so it gets a little melty. Enjoy!

I would not consider it southern sacrilege to mix up your own flavor combinations. Try a Greek version by mixing feta with mayo or remoulade, chopped banana peppers, olives and capers. Get creative!