Quick Corn off the Cobb

cooked corn off cobb closeup

This quick and easy corn off the cobb recipe goes back to my “full-time working Mom” days. All Moms work full-time but I mean the days when I worked away from home and was always looking for evening meal shortcuts!

corn off cobb with herbs

Simply cut the corn off the Cobb directly onto a microwave safe plate, add some fresh herbs (I’ve used fresh thyme, oregano and marjoram here), a pinch of salt and one tablespoon of water and top with another microwave safe plate, Area 51 style!

villeroy and boch manoir plates

Microwave your corn flying saucer on 60% power for 6 minutes. Use oven mitts to carefully remove the hot corn flying saucer from the microwave. Let cool for several minutes, then carefully remove the top plate. Warning, there will be steam!

cooked corn off cobb

Add a tablespoon or two of melted unsalted butter and serve!

Add diced sweet or hot peppers for confetti corn. Try tomatoes, basil and cubed mozzarella for caprese corn. Or, add chopped greens (kale or spinach would work well) and nuts (walnuts or pine nuts) for a modern spin. Add a protein like grilled chicken or fish and you have a meal!