Countdown to Thanksgiving Tip ~Bake Ahead


Today was bread baking day. I wanted to get cornbread and loaf bread baked for my stuffing recipe. Cornbread is easy, I use the old stand by recipe in my red checkered Better Homes & Gardens cookbook (27 years old).

I don’t usually make my loaf bread from scratch but good quality bread has gotten expensive so I figured I could make it myself. For this, I used another old stand by from that red checkered cookbook; you can find those recipes here:

BHG Cornbread

BHG White Bread

To prepare your bread for stuffing, simply cut your bread into 1 inch squares, place on baking sheets and dry in the oven at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 45 minutes.

Let cool, then store in bags in the freezer until needed for your stuffing.

Warning: Bread left out on the counter without supervision will result in loss of bread by the bread thief (or thieves). Best to do this on a day when you are home alone and save a few tasty bread treats for those bread thieves!

Use the dried bread cubes to make my Yankee Cornbread Stuffing for a crowd!

Homemade Cornbread