‘Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas!

Caramel Opera Cream Candy

This was supposed to be a blog post with beautiful pictures of hand dipped and decorated Opera Cream candy to take to my parent’s house for Christmas Eve.

Then El Nino happened. Thunder, lightning and torrential rain. Warm temperatures and high humidity do strange things to sugar and chocolate. My candy morphed into something from a horror movie.

The opera cream and caramel had to go into the freezer until dipping. When it came out, it had to be cut into pieces instead of being rolled. Then, dipping the chilled candy instantly set the chocolate, resulting in grotesque shapes with drips of caramel and chocolate.

I gave up, I admitted defeat. I’ll take my little Christmas monsters for our Christmas Eve celebration, I’ll just dress them up in decorative paper.

Now on to wrapping gifts! Something a little less temperamental.

*To make these Caramel & Opera Cream Reindeer Treats, roll the Opera Cream into balls, then press in the middle with your thumb. Press some chopped caramel candy into the middle, then coat the whole thing with melted chocolate. I used From Scratch Caramel Sauce for this, it was goopy but delicious!


All’s well that ends well, we have decided to call these “Reindeer Treats!”