Nesting ~ Sesame Tofu Salad

Red Romaine

I added some pea shoots and blossoms and a tiny pea pod to my salad. The peas were blunted by our bipolar weather this spring, but I’ll still get to enjoy them this way!

Yesterday we had a drab, rainy kind of day. A day for staying in and tidying up or working on inside projects. My projects for the day were cleaning up my sewing kit and hemming a pair of old cutoff khakis for shorts. My projects were small in comparison to the wrens building a nest in the planter on my deck.

sparrow's nest

I saw the wrens building the nest last week but hadn’t seen any activity for several days so I thought they had abandoned it. Wrong! I went out to clip some lettuce from the planter and got my hand “wing-smacked” by a tiny bird!

Other birds in the yard started squawking at me so I hurriedly moved to a different planter for my lettuce and got out of there! The wrens have since abandoned the nest ~ I have read that they will build several nests before deciding which one to tend eggs in. This one must have been too close to humans for comfort!

The weather made me crave eating something with bright colors and fresh flavors. All the veggies from my Sesame Tofu & Veggies were gone but I still had plenty of tofu left. What to do? Sesame Tofu Salad!

I just tossed the tofu with some grated fresh carrot and radish, added some fresh spinach and red romaine and topped the whole thing off with fresh cilantro. For the dressing, I stirred the leftover sesame sauce with a little rice vinegar and drizzled it over the top.

Sesame Tofu Salad