Last Tomatoes of Summer Pico de Gallo


Happy September! It was 61 degrees here this morning. Our first morning reminder from Mother Nature that summer is ending. Every where I turn there are signs of the changing of the season, like the little dinging notifications on my phone ~ something needs attention!

Last week we pulled all of our tomatoes out, except the yellow cherry ones still producing on the deck. If I sit and watch them a while, I’ll catch a glimpse of the hummingbirds going after the blossoms draped over the railing.

I’ve been collecting little handfuls of tomatoes here and there and decided to blend them all together with a little lime basil and cowhorn peppers for a fresh pico de gallo.


This recipe is great for using up “tomato ends” left over after slicing up heirlooms, they are such a pain to grow I hate to see any bit of them go to waste!

I simply pulsed them in the blender with a teaspoon of honey, a squirt of fresh lime juice and a pinch of salt and pepper.



My last of summer tomato collection included purple Cherokee “tomato ends” tossed in with the last of my sweet & neat cherry tomatoes, baby Naples roma tomatoes and yellow cherry tomatoes.

I served my last tomatoes of summer Pico de Gallo as a sauce with Easy London Broil, brown rice and black beans ~ a simple late summer dinner packed with flavor!


I planted the lime basil in early August, after our wetter and cooler than usual weather killed off my Genovese basil. It is thriving planted next to purple basil, keeping those yellow cherry tomatoes company!


The lime basil really does taste like lime, in a sort of floral way ~ I’m letting it flower, you can eat the flowers too! The yellow blossoms are the yellow cherry tomato, those blossoms are not edible.

As I was snapping this photo, I saw a blur of activity and heard a loud buzzing zoom past my ear. I thought it was a bee, but as I turned to look I saw a hummingbird swoop up over the roof. Message received, little hummingbird!